Mars And SLS

I really find Chris Carberry’s op-ed on SLS incomprehensible. Oh, I don’t mean I don’t understand it, it just seems disconnected with reality, and the interests of anyone seriously interested in seeing humans go to Mars. He speaks about SLS as thought it has kind of reality, and actual utility. To me, a sane Mars organization would be screaming bloody murder at the waste of money to the detriment of hardware needed to actually get to Mars.

[Thursday-afternoon update]

Thoughts on the ever-receding SLS, from Bob Zimmerman.


The Second Amendment

We need it more than ever.

Yup. The current situation is approaching exactly what the Founders feared.

[Update a few minutes later]

Mark Steyn: A total failure of the State.

That assumes, of course, that this wasn’t exactly what the State intended.

[Update a few minutes later]

Yes, it would appear that “liberals” don’t want to stop school shootings.

Lost In Space

No, literally (I hate that as a title of a space article or op-ed). They’re apparently doing a reboot. I thought the show was stupid as a kid, but as my old roommate Alan Katz (and Glenn Reynolds) noted, the first season, which I missed as a kid, was actually quite dark and interesting, before it devolved into camp with the robot flailing its arms around shouting “Danger, Will Robinson.” It could be interesting. But then, I think between acclaim of The Expanse and everything exciting happening in real spaceflight, it could be new golden age for good space-based hard science fiction, in all venues.

Biting Commentary about Infinity…and Beyond!

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