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  1. Bill Maron:


    This Paul Ryan review and rebuttal is a must read. I bet Obama couldn’t come close to this level of thinking.

  2. sams:

    I Wanted to contact you, but you don’t seem answer.



  3. Chuck Pelto:

    How do I change my image?

  4. France's YOZAWITZ:

    I Like Lost in Space & Star Trek

  5. R7 Rocket:

    [the posting system seems to be broken on the “97% consensus” thread]

  6. Tom Billings:

    Hi Rand, For the last couple days I’ve had trouble commenting on your site. When I try to, I get a JaaScript/cookies reminder message page. My Firefox browser (38.05) has JavaScript turned on automatically. Cookies are set to accept. Does this have to do with your troubles in the site’s OS recently?

    Anything I can do to smooth things from my end?

  7. Rand Simberg:

    There are no OS issues with the server that the blog runs on — it’s managed professionally, in San Diego. I never know what to tell people who are having issues with WordPress.

  8. John Eric Thompson:

    Interesting data from your Space Show interview July of 2017

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