Thanksgiving Dinner Discussion

It’s a couple years old, but it’s that time of year again for instructions on how to discuss Star Wars over dinner with your ignorant rebellion-supporting uncle.

And speaking of Thanksgiving dinner, here is my recipe for cornbread, sausage, wild-mushroom and pomegranate dressing.

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  1. William Barton:

    “Dressing.” My wife is from Chicago and calls it dressing. I’m from Boston and call it stuffing. I wonder where the linguistic divide is?

  2. Rand Simberg:

    I call it dressing if I cook it separately and stuffing if I use it for that.

  3. William Barton:

    Most of the premade in the store is called stuffing (as in Stovetop Stuffing) whether it’s going inside the cavity or not. There’s been a lot of anti-in bird agitating over the years. I make a bunch, because it’s a once a year pig-out (or turkey-out!) and fill the bird with however much fits.

  4. Mike:

    Well, stuffing is inside the bird. Dressing is cooked separately in another pan. Source, Alton Brown. . . 🙂