Fake Meat

that tastes delicious.

As I tweeted to Ron (he hasn’t responded), my concern is that, being derived from soy, it won’t have the same nutritional value as actual beef.

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  1. Mike Borgelt:

    If God had meant men to eat this shit, she would not have invented cows.
    Cattle can be raised where growing crops is unfeasible and/or uneconomic.

  2. Mike Borgelt:

    Besides it panders to the “sustainability” and CO2 ooga booga industry. Another Silicon Valley bullshit “industry” like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

  3. William Barton:

    I’m allergic to soy to the point margarine is off my dietary list. Happily, I’m not allergic to beef, tallow, or butter. No Soylent for me! Except the Green variety, as I’m not allergic to people, either. Do we suppose there’s different packaging for female Soylent Green and male Soylent Green?

  4. Call Me Ishmael:

    … I’m not allergic to people …

    How do you know …?

  5. William Barton:

    Insert obligatory off-color remark, revolving around the possibility that I’m a translesbian…

  6. MfK:

    I have a startup that is coming out with a breakthrough new food. Made from genetically modified cows, it’s beef that tastes exactly like Brussel sprouts! Something like that just can’t miss!

  7. William Barton:

    I love Brussels sprouts. But I’d prefer Brussels sprout flavored chicken.

  8. Paul D.:

    I had a deep dish meat-crust pizza (“meatza”) last night.

    It was wonderful.