Defining Rape Down

Cathy Young writes that sex is a lot more complicated than the gender feminists want to pretend.

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  1. Andrew_W:

    That’s a well written and thought out piece.

  2. William Barton:

    This is all great stuff for the women of the ruling classes, who are out to get their fair share of the ill-gotten booty, but it won’t end well for the rank and file of western women. Either Marxism successfully brings down the West, and successfully takes its place, in which case they wind up sex slaves of the Nomenklatura to come, or it brings down the West and something else (I can guess what!) takes it place, and they wind up sex slaves of an actual Patriarchy. Or, in the best of all possible futures, Marxism crashes and burns, the West goes back to being what it was, and they go back to being housewives. The door to the prophesied future of strong, independent women no longer beholden to men has most likely closed, pretty much thanks to Intersectional Feminism.