Is eating it raw bad for you? I always cook it, but now I’m starting to get concerned about other cruciferous veggies. Is cole slaw a problem?

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  1. David Spain:

    Among the 150 y/o’s sampled in our study, the mortality rate of those reported to have eaten raw kale OR cole slaw was 100%!

  2. Flighterdoc:

    YES. Kale tastes of sadness and leads to depression and suicidal ideation.

  3. Jon:

    Here’s a good analysis of kale and other cruciferous vegetables.


  4. Bilwick:

    Someone recently wrote online that Whole Foods is now certifying all their kale, “Weinstein-free.”

  5. MfK:

    Our cafeteria serves cooked bak choy almost all the time. I had never tried it (or even heard of it), but eventually gave it a shot. I get some every time because I like it. Subsequently, I learned that is a good source of Vitamin A. That may be why the Chinese lady who ate 3 pounds of raw bak choy is in a coma.

    Never tasted kale, hope never to. Here’s why.

  6. Paul D.:

    Plants don’t make those chemicals for our good. They make a lot of them to kill pests. It should be no surprise if they have toxic effects in humans too.