Trump And Obama

I’m thinking about writing a long piece about how similar they are in many ways. I’ve started a list:

Reverse midas touch

Die-hard cultish base

Big in pop culture

Inarticulate foot-in-mouth off prompter

Indifference/hostility to Constitution

Charismatic to Selective audience (related to cult above)

Reckless disregard for the truth

Travel expenses


Despised by members of his own party

Any others?

[Wednesday-afternoon update]

Here’s another one: They both waged war on the media, though different media (Obama’s main target was Fox News).

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  1. ken anthony:

    You forgot, if they had a son he would loo like you ;-P

  2. Curt Thomson:

    Supreme court pick(s) that their party loves.
    EPA administrator choice that their party loves.
    Education secretary choice that their party loves.
    Interior secretary choice that their party loves.
    Energy secretary choice(s) that few can figure out (Chu/Moniz, Perry).
    Deranged, diehard resistance (“I’m with Her!”,”Never Trump!”).
    Odd physical characteristics (Ears, Hair).
    Inability to pronounce common words (Corps,im-sure-you-can-find-an-example).
    Regularly inadvertantly revealing themselves (You didn’t build that,im-sure-you-can-find-an-example).

  3. Carey Gage:

    Here’s one difference: Party united solidly behind Obama. Trump, not so much.

  4. Rand Simberg:

    I didn’t say they were similar in all aspects, just that they are a lot more similarities than fans of either would like to recognize. Obama fans fantasize that he’s the opposite of Trump when, largely, he’s their Trump.

  5. ken anthony:

    Any two people will have similarities. It is the differences that matter. What you are attempting to do Rand is the same thing the media has been trying to do since he came down the escalader and making the exact same mistake.

    You imagine his supporters are conned so you just have to reveal the truth. They already know everything you want to tell them. Read that last sentence repeatedly until you understand it.

    No list of similarities means a damned thing.

    Judge appointments mean something.
    Deregulation means something.
    Taking a ‘nation first’ position means something even if you get the details wrong.

    Bad manners doesn’t mean a thing.

  6. Rand Simberg:

    That’s like saying the differences between communism and fascism are more important than the similarities. They’re not.

  7. ken anthony:

    Rand, you’re buying the narrative that Trump is a fascist which is beyond ridiculous.

    Genetically, you and Trump are over 99% the same. Should we ignore the differences?

    With almost no support, Trump is actually moving the conservative agenda forward and you think that makes him equivalent to Obama…

    …and decent Americans equivalent to Antifa?

    Thems some powerful drugs yer takin’.

  8. Rand Simberg:

    Rand, you’re buying the narrative that Trump is a fascist which is beyond ridiculous.

    No, I’m not. Or at least he is no more (and no less) of one than Obama is.

  9. Gregg:

    “Or at least he is no more (and no less) of one [a fascist] than Obama is.”

    Sorry…don’t buy that.

  10. Karl Hallowell:

    A case of narcissism that took 20,000 laborers 20 years to build.

  11. Fenster314:

    A more significant comparison would be Trump to the GOPe.
    The analog would be George Patton vs Husband Kimmel.

  12. Gregg:

    Trump, however, actually worked in Business.

    Obama never worked a day in his life nor risked huge amounts of his own capital.

    A major difference.

  13. Rand Simberg:

    I’m not looking for differences here; obviously there are many. I’m pointing out similarities (which, as with fascism versus communism, I actually think are more important).

  14. Gregg:

    I know you are not looking for differences but the differences overwhelm the similarities to make them two entirely different people.

    Some of those similarities (e.g. travel expenses, cultish followers) can be found any any group of high powered people.

  15. wodun:

    Trump and Obama both use insults and they both targeted voters who don’t usually vote. They were also both great at picking persuasive issues, although the issues were polar opposites.

    I don’t think the list above is a good one, and in items where there are similarities, they are vastly different.

    Pro vs Anti American. Good media coverage vs bad. Speaking off the cuff and being wrong as opposed to deliberately and carefully crafted falsehoods. Attacking political opponents in the media rhetorically as opposed to spying on them. Attacking activists rhetorically vs attacking them with government agencies. Using the DOJ and other agencies to enforce the law as opposed to using them to subvert the law and settle suits giving hundreds of millions to activist groups.

    In all of those issues there are similarities but they are also vastly different. And did any Democrat ever dislike Obama? Criticism of him meant excommunication. Everyone criticizes Trump, which shows how un-cultish support for him is. Support for Trump has always been less about Trump than the feelings people have for the corrupt and inept ruling class.

    I think in the lead up to the election I noted some other similarities but the ones at the top are good.

  16. Edward M. Grant:

    It’s probably worth adding that a lot of Obama voters voted for Trump this time, because they’re desperately searching for any candidate who isn’t just more-of-the-same.

  17. Fenster314:

    Similarities between the Wehrmacht and the US Army in WW2

    1. Both invaded europe.
    2. Both were responsible for millions of civilian casualties
    3. Both executed prisoners when inconvenient to take them alive.
    4. Both destroyed the infrastructure of civilian areas causing
    immediate poverty, injuries and social displacement.
    5. Both disregarded the civil rights of minorities.

  18. ken anthony:

    You can bet their are many that would by into that list because they lack mature perspective. Would those more likely be from the left or the right?