Dream Chaser

had its first captive carry flight in years today. I disagree that the big test is whether it can launch on an Atlas V (though there may be aero issues). Its real big test, assuming successful drop tests, will be whether it can survive entry.

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  1. wodun:

    It looks cool and has some unique capabilities, so I hope they are successful. Whether or not any of it happens, they have some neat ideas for using their trunks too.

  2. ken anthony:

    Yeah. I have a soft spot for the Dream Chaser even though other solutions may make better sense. It’s well named.

  3. Godzilla:

    I think it’s a good idea for NASA to throw some limited amount of money their way so they can work on the issues with the design. It would provide a lower-g landing craft for astronauts than the capsules. If they ever got it to work. But I wouldn’t put it in the critical path for anything right now.