The “Impossible” Burger

I’m not concerned at all about the GMO issue, but given that it’s soy based, I wonder if this burger is nutritionally equivalent to beef, and not just tastes like it.

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  1. magpie:

    One bit of technology that could make living in space more “meaty”? Or are we supposed to live on dried algae crackers?

  2. Pro Libertate:

    “Crackers.” Ha!

  3. Michael G.Gallagher:

    No, Soylent Green

  4. wodun:

    You see, soy leghemoglobin, or SLH, the key ingredient that makes the Impossible Burger uniquely meaty, is churned out by genetically modified yeast.

    Does it have the negative effects of eating soy?

  5. FC:

    Mmm, phytoestrogens. It’s like infertility on a bun.

  6. McG:

    I’m willing to bet Gregor Mendel would have loved to be able to write his desired traits directly into the genes of his crops.

  7. John K Berntson:

    So then, we’d have GM crops! πŸ™‚

  8. McG:

    Yes. Unfortunately I’m a Ford guy.

  9. Raoul Ortega:

    Maybe if the vegetarians/vegans would come up with some tasty meals of their own instead of trying to imitate what carnivores eat, they wouldn’t have this problem.

  10. MfK:

    I’ve come up with a genetically modified cow that tastes exactly like brussel sprouts! Anyone care to invest in my Kickstarter campaign? I’m trying to raise $3 billion to write the application to get it “approved” by the FDA.

  11. George Turner:

    For decades I’ve been developing cows that develop a skin cancer that looks and tastes like lobster. The lobster tumors are periodically scraped off in a mostly painless process, and after several harvest cycles the cow is eaten along with the tumors as surf and turf.

  12. MfK:

    I think I’ve had that. Is that the skin cancer that flaps up and down like a door? If so, I’ve had it as lobster tumor door.

  13. ken anthony:

    It’s all a bunch of shit (wait for it!)

  14. ken anthony:

    Which is why my brother could never watch Star Trek. Each episode started with, “Captain’s Log!”

  15. peterh:

    And to make it longer, that was a painful joke.

  16. Godzilla:

    I wonder if this burger is nutritionally equivalent to beef, and not just tastes like it.

    I doubt it has the same nutrients. It sounds like MSG Mk II. I like it on fries but it isn’t real meat either.

    Mmm, phytoestrogens. It’s like infertility on a bun.
    A lot of Chinese and Japanese have eaten soy for yonks and I’ve never heard of infertility being an issue. Now, body hair loss, and really thin straight hair may become an issue. πŸ™‚

  17. ech:

    It’s pretty similar in nutrition to a beef burger. Slightly lower in protein, has a few carbs, similar in vitamins and minerals. See

  18. Joseph Hertzlinger:

    According to at least one theory, methionine-restricted diets are the key to longevity.

    According to another theory, obesity is due to tasty food.

    Either way, tofu is the way to go. OTOH, maybe you could try eating cellulose sponges. They taste almost exactly like tofu…

  19. ech:

    One of the local restaurants, chef-owned by an avowed meat lover, has it on the menu. He says it tastes great.