Our Exes

Why we hate them so much after the breakup.

Huh. I don’t hate my ex, and (as far as I know) she doesn’t hate me. I’m very happy for her that she found someone who could make her happier than I could.

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  1. ken anthony:

    So woman make ya delusional? Got it.

  2. Flighterdoc:

    Wow. That means you are an adult. Most grown ups aren’t.

  3. ken anthony:

    This is the cost of relatively easy survival. Hardship brings out the adult in some people even at a very young age.

  4. MfK:

    I could write a book on this one. No, I don’t hate my ex. I do despise her, because she’s despicable. But I don’t care any more. My kids are outside of her daily influence, and they’re doing just fine. That is the only important thing to me.

  5. John K Berntson:

    At first I thought you were talking about executable files. And I do hate a lot of them. Reading too literally, I guess.