Stubbs The Cat

The long-time mayor of Talkeetna has passed on. We were up there three years ago. It’s the base for the aircraft that land on the glaciers in Denali.

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  1. wodun:

    Russia has wanted Alaska back for a long time.

  2. David Spain:

    You can’t fake mews like this…

  3. Larry J:

    My wife and I took one of those flights to land on Denali back in 2002. It was spectacular. I (a private pilot) even got to ride shotgun in the ski-equipped Beaver that took us there. K2 Aviation, Talkeetna. Great outfit.

  4. Rand Simberg:

    Yes, Patricia rode shotgun on our flight. We lucked out. We’d thought about planning to do it, but it was $200 per seat. But in a gift shop in town, the owner was on the phone, and called out, “Would anyone like to land on a glacier for a hundred bucks?” They apparently had a couple seats to fill on a plane leaving within the hour. So we grabbed them.

  5. Eric Weder:

    I think more cities should elect cats as mayors. Would certainly cut down on the amount of useless and expensive legislation.

    On another note, I love Alaska. Great people, amazing scenery. Spent a couple years working on the North Slope, lots of flights in & out of Anchorage, Spectacular views of the glaciers but never stepped on one up there.