…can plan ahead better than many humans. Also squirrels are trying to save the planet by planting trees.

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  1. ken anthony:

    Ravens for President?

    Still trying to replace Trump I see.

  2. Bilwick:

    Strange but true: Ravens and squirrels also have a better grasp of economics than most “liberals”!

  3. wodun:

    A flock of ravens ravaging a carcass may technically be called an unkindness,

    Lol, silly city people.

  4. ken anthony:

    I saw a video that showed apes to have better short term memory than humans. Better than the best human by the average ape.

  5. Karl Hallowell:

    Ravens are dumber than the TSA. They don’t put everything back when they do a full inspection of my luggage.

  6. MfK:

    Yeah, yeah, but they were only 5 for 11 last season, putting them 3rd in the AFC North. So big whoop about planning…

  7. FC:

    93% of ravens make maximum contributions to their 401(k).