Kathy Griffin

I’d never even heard of her before this, but here’s the best take so far: ISIS accuses her of cultural appropriation.

I too have been persecuting Kathy Griffin for years, by never even having heard of her.

— Rand Simberg (@Rand_Simberg) June 2, 2017

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  1. Jonathan Card:

    I’m imagining the preparation for the press conference:

    “Can you act sad and distraught?”
    “I’m a professional actress!”
    “I’m going to need you to be better than that.”

  2. Rand Simberg:

    Some wag on Twitter joked that she prepared for her fake tears by watching tape of Schumer.

  3. wodun:

    Someone pointed out that she went from choking back tears to perfectly normal, or even jovial, persona almost instantaneously. Watched in soundbite sizes, that is effective but watched as a whole, its very suspicious.

  4. ken anthony:

    The point that’s being missed is losing a gig is nothing to being recognized by people that never heard of her. We live in a culture where Dan Rather still has a job and Hillary isn’t in jail.

  5. LCB:

    She’s kind of pretty until she opens her mouth and “speaks”. From the first word you can tell she’s an ugly person!!!

  6. Patrick:

    Ken Anthony, you get a “Like.” So true. WTF?

  7. McG:

    I thought she was okay on “Suddenly Susan”…

  8. cthulhu:

    I’m sure that, given the horrible rush to judgment that Kathy Griffin is suffering, the progressives have been overcome with empathy and are readying an immediate apology to Brendan Eich.

  9. Eric Weder:

    Excellent comment. I’m not holding my breath though.

  10. Curt Thomson:

    Well she did loose her husband Frank not too long ago, perhaps a little sympathy is called for.

  11. Eric Weder:

    Hell no. She probably drove the poor man to death.

    She made her bed, now she must lie in it. What kind of progressive bubble does this woman live in to think such a photo would be appropriate?

  12. PeterH:

    The same kind of bubble inside of which the 10 10 videos were made.

  13. Ctrot:

    That was Kathy LEE Griffin.

  14. Jiminator:

    No, I thought Curt’s comment was a clever play on words regarding two difficult personalities in the entertainment industry: Kathy Griffin vs. Kathy Lee Gifford

  15. MfK:

    On the flip side, I had never heard of Duffelblog. It’s pretty funny. The article on Mattis keeping his neighbors awake was a real hoot!

  16. DarkstarSF:



  17. ken anthony:

    We need to remind ourselves that K.G. is part of those that fantasize about the red button which is just as traumatically shocking (by exploding the bodies of political opponents down to the average Joe level.)

    How long will it take for this disgusting behavior to be rehabilitated to the norm?

    I’d say it already has been many times over. We need to learn how to hold onto outrage and channel it productively (as in, with permanent results to our culture.)

  18. McG:

    KG: “I don’t think I’ll have a career after this.”

    She had one before?

  19. ken anthony:

    Her career consisted of trashing everyone however incidentally her acquaintance… except ‘her gays.’

  20. wodun:

    Ya, she had a career based on bullying. Crybully has never been a more accurate descriptor.

  21. wodun:

    I was ready to let bygones be bygones after her apology but then she got a lawyer and said she was the victim of white men or something racist like that. I am not quite as forgiving now.

  22. ken anthony:

    Tucker nailed it when he said essentially she’s the poster child for the ‘victimized’ left. Actually that’s not the right link, but good anyway.