A Patient Photographer

This is an amazing shot.

Bear And Vultures

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  1. wodun:

    It’s not like the photographer was sitting in the box. I wonder how he had the camera set up, like was it on some sort of auto or did he have it programmed for a specific lighting condition.

  2. Rand Simberg:

    I think the story explains it.

  3. Rick C:

    Yup, motion sensor triggering a camera with a huge SD card in a box.

  4. wodun:

    No, set up as in settings. I should have been more precise.

    There are so many ways to fiddle with a camera’s settings. I wonder if he was looking for something during a particular time of day so that he had the camera optimized for those conditions.

  5. Rick C:

    Oh. Yeah, I don’t that was mentioned at all.

  6. Karl Hallowell:

    The photo must be blown up a bit. There’s a graininess and field depth to it that makes it a bit unreal, more like a painting than a photo.

  7. Godzilla:

    Looks Photoshopped to me.

  8. wodun:

    The edges do look a little blurry. Maybe it was enhanced and modified a little.

  9. MfK:

    It just takes patience, like this photographer waiting for that cheetah pup he spotted to reappear. “I wonder where he went?” he’s thinking.

    “I wonder where he went?” he’s thinking.