The Great Lakes

As someone who grew up an hour away from one, I’m aware of the power of the waves in late fall and winter (the Edmund Fitzgerald went down in November), but these are pretty spectacular images of Lake Erie.

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  1. Ed Minchau:

    I just watched this documentary a few days ago:

    They used various underwater mapping techniques to show what it would look like if you drained the Great Lakes. The lakes were both much higher in the past and much lower. There is even evidence of caribou hunting at the bottom of Lake Huron.

  2. Edward M. Grant:

    Wow. Those are impressive pictures.

  3. Kirk:

    Wow, indeed!

    I see that his camera is in a waterproof case, but how does he handled water droplets on the case’s lense?

  4. Godzilla:

    I don’t see much water in the part which encloses the lenses. I assume its some kind of hydrophobic coating…

  5. Godzilla:

    The waterproof case seems to be from these guys:

  6. James:

    Hey, Rand–not to nitpick, or anything, but…”Edmund Fitgerald” needs a “z” 😉 — Happy Holidays, man!