Bob Hoover

Rest in peace. One of the all-time great pilots. A lot of friends at Rockwell got a ride in his Mustang.

Here’s a good story from AOPA.

[Afternoon update]

Here’s the story from Air & Space. I’ll be interested to hear what, if anything, General Yeager has to say.

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  1. Calvin Dodge:

    A great pilot who was treated shabbily by the FAA.

  2. Rand Simberg:

    Yes, it was tragic when he lost his medical certificate.

  3. Larry J:

    I had the good fortune of watching Bob Hoover perform many times, mostly at Oshkosh. He was a masterful pilot and showman. It didn’t matter how many times people saw him perform, all eyes were on him. Whether he was dancing his P-51 in the Tennessee Waltz down the runway or doing deadstick aerobatics in his Rockwell Commander, he flew with a grace and skill that were seldom matched and never surpassed. I never had the chance to speak to him in person, but by all accounts he was as nice a gentleman as he was superb as a pilot. RIP, Mr. Hoover. You lived a great life.

  4. Fenster314:

    Never forget his airshow displays flying the Mustang and Shrike.

  5. flighterdoc:

    Blue skies, and tailwinds, you upside-down maniac!

  6. MfK:

    I have fond memories of seeing him fly the Commander with both engines out, and just marveling at the skill and daring of this man.

    However, when it comes to military pilots, I don’t think anyone holds a candle to Admiral Benson.

  7. David Spain:

    Sad news. RIP Bob Hoover.