ISIS Uses Human Shields

Blatantly. Daringly.

You know, this is much more of a war crime than anything that Israel or the US are routinely accused of, and yet you hardly hear of it from the usual suspects at Turtle Bay.


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  1. Darkstar:

    Huh indeed. And you don’t hear anything about Putin’s air force not stopping for those human shields while defending the Assad government, either.

  2. Godzilla:

    The Russians? The Al-Qaeda known as ISIL can thank it isn’t their faction in Chechnya:

    Al-Qaeda leaders all dead. Causes of death: laser guided-missiles into sat phone; car bomb while he was in Qatar; grenade while hiding in a bunk; grenade into house he was hiding in; unknown.
    In Syria? They would probably just bomb the lot.

  3. Barbara Skolaut:

    What’s the downside?

  4. Bilwick:

    If only they would use their Useful Idiots in the West.

  5. wodun:

    Remember when a bunch of Democrat went to Iraq before the war to be human shields? They thought the USA was going to bomb kids in schools but Saddam put them in front of military targets.

  6. R7 Rocket:

    Heads up ISIS (or heads *off*, amirite?), human shields don’t work against Russians and Assad.

  7. Ed Minchau:

    That oughta do it.

  8. ken anthony:

    America… leading the way… into idiocracy!

  9. Sigivald:

    They also don’t fight in uniform or with a distinguishing mark, they don’t always bear arms openly, and often don’t have a clear command structure, either, all required to be lawful combatants under the Second Geneva Convention.

    But, yes, nobody mentions that.

    “War crimes” laws are only for us, after all.

  10. Leland:

    They also attack hospitals and brag about it.