Talk About Friday News Dump

McCabe was fired by the FBI, and will lose his pension. It’s pretty clear now that his “retirement” was an attempt to outrun his perfidy.

Fox News had been predicting this. In my opinion, he (and others in this now greatest political scandal in American history, if the Democrat operatives in the media would actually report it properly) should be worried bout a lot more than losing pensions…

[Saturday-morning update]

The reckoning of the FBI has begun.

It’s long overdue. The rot goes back to the first Clinton administration, if not all the way back to Hoover himself.

The Warning From Elon At SXSW

The first Mars visitors will probably die. Of course, we’re all going to die somewhere.

As I note in the book, it’s very unlikely that the Shackleton ad was real. If it had been published in a London broadsheet, it would have been spelled “honour.”

[Update a couple minutes later]

And per usual, a lot of ignorance and stupidity in comments over there.

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